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The Art of Training

Yes, training is an art. You train with a specific purpose in mind. Whether it is to run the 400 meters in 43 seconds flat or to play Richard III to a 3,000 seat house. Just any kind of running or simply reciting lines of Shakespeare won’t prepare you to meet your goal. You must engage in training that will prepare you to run that 400 meters in the desired time or to embody the physicality of Richard. Training that takes you to the next level is specific. It is the process by which you acquire the essential skills required to perform a certain task or to reach an identified goal. Training is the process by which you develop and refine your natural talent. If you want to compete at the highest levels of our profession as actors, train. Just like the 400 meter runner, train with specific goals in mind. Before signing up for your next scene study class, identify specific things that you want to work on. For example, do you want to work on opening up your emotional range, accents/dialects, vocal quality, movement challenges, whatever. Look for a class that will help you meet your goal(s). Keep track of your progress, noting what works and what could be improved. Set stretch goals, and push yourself to move outside your comfort zone. If you want to grow, challenge yourself to go beyond your preconceived limits. Be open to feedback and/or instruction. Make time to practice your new skills daily. Your practice should be deliberate and intentional -- know what you want, what you need to do and do it. To improve your craft, find or create situations daily that will allow you to practice your new skills with deliberation and intention. Remember, that old saying, “practice makes perfect”? Well, as the famous football coach, Vince Lombardi, once said, “Only perfect practice makes perfect.” So your training must be done consciously, intentionally and thoughtfully to move you forward and up to the next level. #actors #class #acting

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